You're Beautifully Made (YBM) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

    Mentoring Program:

    You're Beautifully Made(YBM) Mentoring Program runs from September-April yearly and is held as Sturgis Playground and Recreation Center located at 200 65th Ave, Phila. Pa. 19126 and West Philly Studio located at 6037 Market St, Phila. Pa. 19139. Our mentoring program provides services for young ladies age 10-18. All workshops run from 6:30 pm-7:45 pm. Our program is designed to encourage, empower, bring awareness, and assist young ladies with building self-esteem, character, educated, and respectful women. As a member of  YBM, your daughter will engage in workshops such as: 


    Self Esteem: (self-love, self-worth) 

    Etiquette Workshops: (personal, social, and dining)

    Health and Sex Education: (hygiene and STD education)

    Health and Wellness Workshops: (healthy eating, exercise class, and self-defense)

    Job Readiness: (resume' writing, and interview etiquette)

    Higher Education Preparation: (financial aid assistance, scholarship information, and college tours)

    Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention:

    Events and Outings: (plays, spas, museums, educational seminars) and More.


    You're Beautifully Made host an award and appreciation luncheon. During the luncheon, we recognize our young ladies, parents, and others who are doing great works in the community. We also issue a $500 Scholarship to one eligible high school senior who is enrolled in YBM mentoring program. Enrolling your daughter in You're Beautifully Made will allow her to be surrounded by other great individuals, increase her self-esteem, and contribute to her having a positive image of herself.

    YBM Open Enrollment Flier 2019