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Shanon Skipworth is an advocate for building self-esteem and self-confidence.  Shanon was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and spent a short period of her childhood residing in Germany. Throughout her life, Shanon faced hardships, but she refused to be a product of her negative environment. Shanon knew she needed to make a difference in the world, most importantly to those who may have experienced similar misfortunes as Shanon. As a result, Shanon decided to begin her journey for making a positive impact in the lives of others.

While co-parenting three young children, in 2004, Shanon decided to go back to college to obtain her Associate Degree from Community College of Philadelphia. Shanon graduated in 2007 and moved on to attend Chestnut Hill College to obtain her Bachelors Degree. In 2010, she received her M.S. in Human Services from Chestnut Hill College. Shanon currently attends Temple University where she is earning her Masters in Social Work. Her career spans more than 13 years in the Human Services field where her positions ranged from Clinician, Case Manager Supervisor to Adjunct Instructor. Shanon and her daughter Micah are the authors of Tamara Goes To School "Building Self-Esteem and Tamara and Friends coloring and activity book. Shanon is also the owner of Room Flip home and office design company and The Business Pursuit, which provides a platform for entrepreneurs to gain knowledge that will grow their business. Shanon is a result driven, team-oriented professional with excellent problem-solving skills, a keen ability to “Build Sisterhoods and Strengthening Communities” and has a passion for aiding others.

While Shanon takes great pride in assisting various individuals, Shanon recognized the need for programs that cater to young ladies and women and in 2013, Shanon founded You’re Beautifully Made (YBM), Inc. nonprofit organization. Since its inception, YBM has impacted the lives of many through various programs and community events. You're Beautifully Made offers a mentoring program for young ladies age 10-18, a summer mentoring club for girls age 9-13, a parenting program for mothers age 14-30, a home essentials program that provides assistance for women 18 and over and a computer program for women 18 and over.  Shanon established You’re Beautifully Made, Inc to be proactive, provide resources, be a support system to those in need, and ultimately to make a DIFFERENCE in the community and the lives of others.

Shanon also provides support and services to others, through community functions, volunteering, sponsoring a yearly clothing drive for mothers and children, hosting business seminars, coordinating a yearly prom package giveaway, youth resource events, and more. YBM currently provide services in various sections of Phila and the surrounding counties. In 2020, You're Beautifully Made, Inc opened its 2nd Chapter in Newport News, VA.  Shanon knows You’re Beautifully Made is making a difference in the lives of others. YBM has provided support, helped to increase motivation, self-esteem, educate and encouraged others to become successful in all aspects of life. Shanon was featured on Philadelphia's Womenpreneur calendar in 2018 for women who are making a difference in the community. Shanon is also one of the first recipients of the Peace & Love award, which she received in 2019, the recipient of the "Phenomenal Leadership" award, the "Community Hero" award and has also received a Citation from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Shanon was also awarded “Nonprofit Business of the Year” by Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., the "Paved the Way award and was featured in the March/April Who's Who section in the Funtimes Magazine and a guest on WURD radio. Shanon will continue to be a pillar in the community by providing programs, events, business workshops, other services, and support that cater to those in need.

To learn more about You're Beautifully Made, Inc and Tamara Goes To School Building Self-Esteem visit www.yourebeautifullymade.org, www.tamaragoestoschoolbook.com, www.room-flip.com, and


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Do not judge me by the color of my skin, the texture of my hair, or by the shape I,m in. Judge me by what's inside because I,m beautifully made.

-Shanon Skipworth, M.S.

Shanon C. Skipworth, M.S.

 President and CEO

    You're Beautifully Made (YBM) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.