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Our 6-month mentoring program is for young ladies age 10-18. The program runs January-June yearly . We offer workshops, which focus on self-esteem, education, mental health, job readiness, hygiene, healthy relationships, college prep, educational and cultural trips, and more. We also offer a $500-$1,000 scholarship to one qualifying mentee. Upon completion of the program, our mentees attend a luncheon, receive certificates, and additional incentives.

Home Essentials Program

*THIS IS AN INCOME BASED PROGRAM* *We follow the PA State income guidelines* *Screenings are completed before applicants can be approved*
• Must provide proof of income for all adults in the home (employment, other assistance, etc)

• Must provide proof of address (lease or deed only)

• Must provide ID (state issued, name must match information on proof residency)

• Must provide birth certificates for household

.• Must complete waiver.

• Must not have received assistance from the program in the last year. 

Applications are closed until 11/2023
Culinary Arts Program



Our Culinary Arts Program offers 6 sessions for youth ages 9-18. Youth will have the opportunity to learn food and kitchen safety, cooking skills, breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, dessert, and more. This is a FREE program. The program begins Fall 2023

Registration Opens 9/1/2023

Our "bonding with mom and dad" parenting program offers 7 sessions for new and expecting mothers and fathers. Sessions includes topic discussions on parenting skills, breast feeding, self care, and more.

Participants receive a certificate and a care package upon completion of the program.


*Screenings are completed before applicants can be approved for a $50.00 voucher*

• Must provide proof of interview or new hire confirmation 

• Must sign waiver

Image by Ryan Riggins

Youth Furniture R.E.H.A.B. Program 

Youth Gardening and STEM Program


Registration Opens Fall 2023

Our computer skills and job readiness program offers computer lessons for youth and adults. There are 6-10 sessions, which focus on resume' building, Microsoft office, general computer use, open computer lab, and more.

$35.00 registration fee

(registration fee waved for Spring 2023)

All sessions are free. 

G.O.A.L.S. Summer Mentorship Program

Our G.O.A.L.S. summer mentorship program provides 7 weeks of summer fun! Program includes workshops, book club, swimming, activities, games, arts and crafts, S.T.E.A.M., sports, trips, and more. 

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